Rocavi Consulting - Consultancy for businesses, public authorities and personal development
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Private sector:
  • Consulting for business development
    Any business has to be continuously developed and always adjusted to the society's evolution and customer's requirements. Whether it has just been identified, initiated or in the process of expansion, any business will be based on the market analysis and diagnosis of the opportunity/society.
    • diagnostic analysis and economic analysis: In order to know what goes well or badly in a company, quite often you need an unbiased judge who knows both the right and the desirable way of functioning and to be able to identify, unprejudiced, the problems and their solutions.
    • market studies: "Who are the main players in the market of your services or products? Which are the competitors' advantages? Which are the advantages of your company? What do customers want?" - are only few problems that the market studies can solve them by providing answers and action methods that are adjusted for each individual company.
    • marketing studies: Any company has to know what it can do in order to get a better reviewal from its customers, also to improve its customers'portofolio, or if applicable, how to conquer other markets. Marketing studies will show why there is a need to act in a certain sector of the market as well as how you can sensitize customers and identifying the sources of the best "company image".
    • business plan: We are ready to analyze any aspect of your business, by showing you what can be developed, how you can raise the market quota, what needs to be improved, what kind of resources you need and how you can get them.

  • Consulting considering accessing of structural funds and other EU programmes and projects' implementation
    • assistance in choosing financing solutions - by selecting operational programmes and suitable banking products, preparing and monitoring credit files, etc
    • elaboration financing requests and additional documentation:
      • Technical documentation and feasibility studies
      • Engineering studies and technical specifications
      • Location studies, land development works and topographic lifting
      • Complex technical projects, including execution details
      • Assistance in obtaining approvals and required notifications, including the drawing process of the specific documentation
    • assistance in monitoring and project implementation:
      • Coordination of the public procurement process
      • Monitoring of the ongoing project
      • Reporting to the contracting authority

  • Counseling and training in behavioral management
    • communication and behavior in society and organizations - protocol rules
    • stress management
    • operational management: career - familly life; rules - creativity; parent - child
    • self equilibrium – self-evaluation

Local public authorities:
  • Local development
    • IDENTIFYING PRIORITIES - a vision of the locally desired future: correlated infrastructure and socio-economic customized development; sustainable development; ensuring citizens' incomes; equal opportunities; quality workforce; multicultural community; attractive, safe and healthy environment; positive image, economically strong sector based on advanced technologies
      • A. Data collection and processing considering the main domains of the local socio-economic development
      • B. SWOT analysis application (Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats)
    • STATING THE OBJECTIVES in regard of short term, medium and long term development
    • Identifying DEVELOPMENT MEASURES: identified projects, criteria of measures'/projects' prioritization, allocated resources (financial, material and human type), the use of resources with maximum efficiency - control and monitoring measures
    • Developing ACTION PLANS in the short, medium and long term

  • Accessing structural funds and other EU programmes
    • IDENTIFYING funding sources and applicable programmes; proposals for partnerships within projects and programs;
      • Feasibility studies
      • Funding requests and annexes
      • Financial analysis
      • Cost-benefit analysis (socio-economic)
      • Risk and sensitivity analysis
      • Preparing procurement documentation and coordinating acquisitions
      • Preparing quarterly and final technical reports
      • Preparing quarterly and final financial reports
      • Preparing payment requests

  • Project management:
    • Identifying the needs and eligible projects;
    • Assessing the financial, economic, social, and environmental impact;
    • Preparing the needed documentation for the operational programs access;

  • Training
    • management of the EU funded projects
    • preparation for accessing structural funds management
    • public acquisitions
    • environmental management
    • developing and implementing local strategies
    • communication and public relations

Non-Government Organization:
What does consulting mean for NGOs??
  • A better organization of the activity
    • Developing regulations of organization and functioning of the flowchart, of the internal Regulation and also of the job description of the executive staff of NGOs;
    • Developing regional structures, based on the pyramid principle (territorial structures, local and regional) and by industry
    • Develop procedures for issuing and implementing of internal decisions, work provisions and other internal normative regulations
    • Executive staff training and specialization, establishing a strategy for human resource management

  • Financial and managerial strengthening through the wide variety of services
    • Develop a diversified and complex services for NGO members or of their territorial structures, including its promotion;
    • NGO development and strategic implementation on the short, medium and long term;
    • Develop strategies for gaining new NGO members;
    • Development of studies and research in areas of interest for NGOs

  • Accessing and project implementing
    • identifying funding sources
    • design and project development
    • implementation and project management
      • Preparing documents for acquisition and acquisition coordination
      • Preparing quarterly and final technical reports
      • Preparing quarterly and final financial reports
      • Preparing payment requests
      • Technical and financial management of the project

Projects carried out for Non-Government Organization:
    • communication and behavior in society and organizations - protocol rules
    • stress management
    • relational management: career - family life; rules - creativity; parent - child;
    • self equilibrium – self-evaluation;

    • Communication and non-manipulative influence
      • communication and power influence
      • stopping emotional and verbal manipulation
      • "reading" the body language
      • adjusting the communication considering the interlocutor (communication channels)
      • bottlenecks in communication and how to remove them
      • public communication
    • Efficiency and productivity
      • sabotaging efficiency due to negative emotions
      • conceptual structure of a target
      • differences between desires and goals
      • steps to achieve a goal (adjusted to any personality)
    • Emotional intelligence
      • positive emotions - fuel for success
      • how to use emotions for your benefit, contributing to your development
Opportunities for accessing funding programs!
Structural funds 2014-2020 - PNDR, POC, POCU; Territorial Cooperation Programmes 2014-2020; Other EU programs.